Strategic Partners - Indiana

Zebra - delivers innovative and reliable bar code, RFID and specialty printing solutions to businesses, including RFID thermal printers and RFID label supplies.
Motorola - provider of mobile computing devices, barcode scanners, and RFID readers.
Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison - Leading provider of a broad portfolio of EPC Gen 2 inlays for use in RFID labels, including item level tags.
Alien Technologies - provides UHF RFID products and services including RFID readers and tags.
Intermec - manufactures handheld computers with RFID readers and barcode scanners, as well as RFID printers and tags for use in inventory tracking and supply chain applications.

Psion - manufacturer of extremely rugged hand-held and vehicle-mounted computers, software and wireless networking equipment.

Stratum Global

Stratum Global - developers of, TagNet, a hardware agnostic RFID software solutions suite for Closed-Loop, Compliance and Asset Management that integrate into any back end solution.

Reva Systems
Reva Systems - manufacture Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP), an intelligent RFID device to combine real-time adaptive control of readers, device and sensor management, location-aware tag data processing, and standards-based data services for the applications that consume RFID data.
Impinj - deploy EPCglobal-certified UHF Gen 2 products which include the Speedway reader.
Honeywell - develop rugged wireless computers and RF data collection networks which include handheld and vehicle mount computers, advanced auto-identification technologies, and RF network infrastructure.
Fishbowl Inventory - develops and publishes inventory control software and related solutions.
MiTSystems - provides Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solutions and route accounting software development..

Vocollect - voice directed work application that talks people through their daily tasks through hands free voice dialogue.