Asset Tracking Software Indiana

RFID Asset Tracking Software


Having visibility to IT assets or other objects at the pull of a trigger can provide valuable information to any organization in Indiana. The RFID AssetTrack software bundle provides asset identification and location management via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

AssetTrack is a robust asset tracking software that utilizes RFID technology and is designed to identify RFID Tags via a Handheld RFID Mobile Computer. AssetTrack is a mobile application deployed on a handheld computer / reader combination that enables a user to identify tagged assets, their location and allow reporting about the identified assets. In addition, AssetTrack supports a tag mapping process, where unidentified assets are mapped to internal numbering schemas that are meaningful to an organization. Once an RFID tag is mapped to an asset - any subsequent identification through RFID will display information such as asset description, images, conditions or any other information that is required by the user or that is held in an Asset Management system.

AssetTrack (AT):

  • Asset Tracking IndianaMulti-Object Identification of Assets, Products, or Personnel via tag commissioning/mapping
  • Maintain an accurate record of your assets whereabouts
  • Secure TagID architecture restricts object identification from unauthorized scanning
  • Interactive wireless connectivity to database server
  • Rich image association with assets to aid in identification
  • Integrates with most enterprise software applications
  • Works seamlessly with most RFID handheld units
  • Reconcile inventory through RFID - supports formal yearly physical
    inventory paradigm as well as cycle counting
  • Multiple assets can be counted with a single trigger pull - no
    tedious line of sight identification
  • Tighter audit control - If the unique asset tag wasn't read, it wasn't
    counted. Eliminates 'swagged' counts.
  • Report on missing, found, or moved assets
  • Identify & record new assets 'on the fly' during counting
  • Incorporates a complete history of asset movements
  • Synchronize with database

Adding Levels of Tracking Visibility

Asset Tracking Software IndianaWith the addition of fixed RFID read zones managed by the RFID Server, an automated "zoned" approach can be achieved for the movement and tracking of tagged assets (as well as personnel transporting those assets). The zoned approach entails positioning RFID portals (antenna arrays) in strategic locations throughout the facility effectively breaking it into numerous areas that will determine the location/direction of an object being tracked in real-time. Visibility is now provided while in transit as well as when it reaches its final destination.